Godmothered (2020)

A young and unskilled fairy godmother ventures out on her own to prove her worth by tracking down a young girl whose request for help was ignored.

Jillian Bell stars as Eleanor, a godmother in training who decides to take an assignment to help young Mackenzie find her happily ever after. When she makes it to Mackenzie (Isla Fisher) she finds out that she is no longer young, she has two daughters and that her happily ever after has been ruined because her one true love ran off with a pilates instructor. At least that is what we are led to believe before finding out her husband and the father of her children has died in an automobile accident. Her daughter Jane is especially having a hard time dealing with the loss of her father. Mackenzie is also having a hard time believing in happiness since her husband’s passing. Although a cute fairy tale Christmas story, I can’t help to wonder if they could have achieved the same affect with sticking with Mackenzie being an actual divorcee instead of widow.

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